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At Briggs Development, we understand the day-to-day operations and maintenance requirements of commercial buildings. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to strengthening your investment strategies and developing a management plan best suited to your property.

We know that positive tenant relationships are a key driver to ensuring a high occupancy rate and tenant acceptance of market rental rates. To that end, we recognize that high occupancy with market rental rates is a high priority and strong indicator of a successful asset.

Our goal is to maximize the value of your real estate. When it comes to operating expenses, it is critical to ensure that building costs are competitive in the market while offering a wide range of services and custom solutions. Our company culture leads us to be focused on providing high quality management while keeping our rates affordable.  


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Our mission is to provide a customized ownership and tenant experience. We are ready to:

·      Build and maintain operation budgets
·      Handle lease administration and processing
·      Provide accounting and financial reporting customized to your needs
·      Offer a 24-hour service center for after-hours emergencies
·      Leasing services
·      Construction management
·      Track property performance via online web-based application
·      Tenant relations events
·      General procurement
·      Deliver an annual contract bidding and evaluation of existing vendor performance
·      Utilize a preventative, recurring maintenance program trackable via web-based application
·      Capital improvement management
·      Annual operating expense reconciliations
·      Support for leasing efforts